top 10 best Gift ideas for dad’s birthday to make him feel special

Dad is every child’s first hero and that’s how he is seen despite the passing of the years. Precisely for this reason for their children their dad’s birthday is a very important and exciting event, which deserves to be celebrated with an unforgettable party together with the whole family and with unique gifts.

If you are looking for dad’s birthday gift ideas that can really make him happy, you are in the right place. In fact, we want to offer you a short rundown of perfect gifts for every kind of dad!


For the dad who loves photographs

More and more dads who love taking hundreds of photographs every day. The perfect gift for a photo-loving dad is definitely a new camera : you can choose a digital SLR camera for more experienced dads or a mirrorless , simpler and more intuitive camera . Alternatively, you can also opt for an instant camera : so your father can have his shots printed immediately.

There are also numerous accessories available on the market that are certainly a gift much appreciated by dads who love photography: you can choose from a wide range of lenses , including sturdy and resistant tripods , waterproof sheets for photography  even in the rain, spare batteries for cameras and sd cards , not to mention the camera bags to always have your own photographic tools at hand.


For dads who like to look at the most beautiful photographs

Usually dads who like taking pictures also want to be able to look at them and look at them whenever they want. You can then decide to give your dad a photo frame for his birthday , perhaps in the digital frame version , or a photo printed on canvas to hang directly on the walls of the house.


For dads who prefer videos

Some dads prefer videos, prefer to have memories that are not static, that are, indeed, lively, full of joy and colors. For them you can then decide to buy a latest generation digital video camera or you can opt for an action camera with all the necessary accessories. The action camera allows dad to make videos even during sports, by car, by motorbike: you will see that he will appreciate it very much!


Trendy gift ideas for dad

If your dad never leaves home without first looking at the mirror with great attention , a trendy gift is undoubtedly what it takes for his birthday. You can choose clothes or shoes , but also many accessories such as, for example, a new belt , a nice large wallet , a tie , a pair of socks with trendy patterns, a men’s shoulder bag or a key ring . You will see that your dad will also appreciate a perfume , perhaps from one of the most important fashion houses of the moment.

Choosing a perfume or a piece of clothing could be, we must admit it, rather complex because it is really very personal gifts. Even if you know your dad very well, you may be wrong. Then choose an Amazon voucher : so he will choose his gift!


Gift ideas for dad’s birthday: when relaxation is everything

Does your dad like to get comfortable on the sofa after a long day at work? You should then choose some gifts that allow him to relax in the best way, such as a sofa tray or a sofa butler to always have everything at hand, a new TV to better see his favorite programs and a smart TV box , not to mention a nice pair of headphones for TV so when you watch the football game at full volume, mom will no longer be able to grumble!

It may be that your dad likes to lie on the sofa to read a good book instead. In this case you can choose a new book or an ebook reader !

Often, when you return from work, you see your dad writing on his notebook . You can then decide to buy a new notebook or a nice pen for him , maybe a fountain pen or a refill pen .


For dads who love technology

Today’s dads, we know it well, are hyper-technological. And so here you can go in search of a latest generation, technological and truly innovative gift that is capable of making it really very happy as, for example, the latest tablet model released on the market, a fixed PC with a screen or a PC ultra powerful laptop or external hard drive .

What about a nice drone ? This too is undoubtedly a hyper-technological gift absolutely not to be underestimated. Even a beautiful weather station is a gift that dads like very much so they can always know everything about the weather.

Among the most interesting technological gifts we must also remember the navigator for the car or a phone. Choose a latest generation smartphone and if you want to opt for a home phone , remember that the best versions are cordless phones .


Gift ideas for those who cannot do without a glass of wine

Can’t your dad do without drinking a glass of wine at dinner? Do you love going out with friends for a beer? Do you also indulge in some hard alcohol from time to time? Maybe you don’t know, but there are gifts available on the market that seem to be made especially for him.

You can choose a set of wine glasses , but liquor glasses or beer mugs are also a truly excellent gift idea. You can also choose to give your dad a brew kit for beer so he can create his home brew! Even a wine cellar is an excellent idea, to always keep the finest bottles of wine it has at the right temperature .


Gift ideas for DIY

If your dad loves to build and fix, a nice DIY set or a new toolbox are absolutely perfect gifts. You can also choose some tool that your dad has said he wants to buy for a long time or that has recently broken: you will make him really happy.

Even the kit for gardening or for the care of the garden can be an excellent idea for all those dads who love to carry out the DIY especially in the garden, outdoors.


Watches: a perfect gift for dad

The wristwatches are a very appreciated gift by men around the world, excellent idea for dads. You can choose a classic watch , or you can opt for more modern versions such as Garmin , Polar or Tom Tom style activity monitoring watches and smartwatches . You can also choose a fitness tracker or a smartband of course and we must not forget the wall clock .


Take care of your beard to the fullest!

Some dads love to take care of the beard. Some prefer to go to the barber and others prefer to think about it independently. For them you can choose a nice razor for manual beard or an electric razor for the latest generation, perhaps in a version that can also be used directly in the shower. If your daddy prefers to get his hair done at home too, the electric hair clipper is the perfect gift!


Gift ideas for the home

We used to think that gift ideas for the home are especially suitable for mothers. That’s not the case at all, there are in fact some household items that every dad would like to own. We think, for example, of the barbecue which is the perfect gift for every dad who dreams of being able to organize a nice party in his garden with friends, relatives and neighbors or we think of a coffee machine that allows him to immediately find his energies in the morning.

If your dad is very careful to lead a healthy lifestyle, you can instead opt for a centrifuge or an extractor . And finally we must not forget the aroma diffuser , to create the right atmosphere at home after a long day of work.


Gift ideas for hobbies and sports

Most dads like to spend their free time playing sports. If your dad loves going to the gym, you could give him a nice sports bag or a new bathrobe , while if he prefers to play soccer with friends, you can choose a pair of soccer shoes . For dads who love bikes, you are spoiled for choice: you can opt for specially made bike shoes , for a windproof and rainproof jacket , for a seat cover .

Many other dads prefer hunting and fishing : you can choose technical clothing made specifically for these outdoor hobbies or you can buy any kind of accessory you may need, such as a new leather cartridge holder or a professional fishing rod.

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